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A Basket Full of Protein

You may not have access to a basket full of fresh free-range farm eggs, but don’t they look good? Is it an illusion that eggs used to have far richer golden yolks or is that just our imagination? Certainly, the use of eggs in so many recipes has made them one of the most popular items on the shopping list. The yolk looks full of goodness but in fact, it is the white that provides the protein, the thing that is there to provide nourishment to an embryo prior to hatching. It is something that can indirectly help people combat many different diseases.

Strength for diabetes

If you have diabetes there are a few things you can do for yourself other than follow the medical advice you get from your doctor. One of those things is exercise and building up your strength is part of that regime. No one is expecting you to be a champion weightlifter overnight and there is no need to overdo it.

However, building up muscle and endurance will help you in every activity. You can do some light weights to build up muscles and increase your walking, or cycling, rather than getting the car out of the garage every time.

Healthy exercise

You may have a local health and fitness club that you can use. It is an ideal place to improve your fitness at a sensible rate under the watchful eye of staff that make sure you do not try to do too much too quickly.  You can do a few simple weights and perhaps walk on a treadmill for a specific period.

A few lengths of the swimming pool then a relaxing coffee with friends can soon become a regular date for your diary each week. You will find that your fitness level will rise and you can gradually do a little more. It all helps in combating diabetes and a diet that helps you with your muscle development and endurance can help as well.


Egg whites certainly can form part of the diet you should follow because they are high in the protein that you need. Your body can recycle a certain amount of protein but the rest you must take in through your diet. It is something that all serious sportspeople must take on board in order to be ready to compete. Even if your aims are less ambitious there are things within an athlete’s diet that can actually help you. It is worth remembering that serious sports competitors have professional nutritionists providing dietary guidelines. Surely it is worth taking advantage of the advice that they provide?

Where can I buy egg whites?

The answer to this question is – on websites that specialize in providing dietary products for sporting consumers. You may have your doubts about eggs because you have heard they are high in cholesterol but the warning about egg consumption is old news and largely discredited. Yes, they contain cholesterol but the problems have subsequently been identified as more to do with what people ate with the eggs; things like bacon and butter are high in saturated fats for example. The nutritional value of eggs, especially the whites, cannot be ignored.

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